Weili implements the flat management in the factory, each department performs its own duties, now we have 7 major departments:

Production, Plan, Quality, R&D, HR, Finance, and Sales/Aftersales.


1 Persons in Total

190 - persons in total

20 - R&D persons

22 - Quality persons

2 Capacity

Manufacturing Capacity:

350,000 Pieces/Month


First in First out in WMS Warehouse Management System


3 6S Management

Implement the On-site 6S Lean Management System

5 ERP and MES System

Implement the ERP and MES system to manage all supply chain.

Materials and Suppliers:

Stored the name and date of birth with QR code.

Smart productive process:

Modular production- Improve the production efficiency.

Real-time control management:

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP).


Can trace the material from which supplier, which batch.

Who done this process, When done the process.